Young Justice Abridged Episode 8

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  1. Paulis says:

    This is great, one of the better abridged series out there but I don’t think you guys get the “Abridged” point of things 😀

    This episode alone could’ve made 4-5 episodes split in parts, delivered on a shorter time frame so that the hypest of fans didn’t have to wait too long. There’s nothing wrong on splitting the episodes apart and releasing them in pieces.

    Just consider it, anyways, this was really great. Will be looking forward to new releases.

    • leik777 says:

      All I can say is that I think “Abridged” is relative, when you consider we narrowed 10 episodes worth plus the entire Red Hood movie and the Black Adam showcase into 8 episodes, so yeah, I think that’s shorter, but I get what you’re saying, our episodes are long, but they are so by choice, we like a big canvass. I’d rather take a whole month to a 15 minute video im happy with that a 5 minute one in a week i dont think is saying enough, but hey, again, that’s us, and by choice.

    • MT says:

      To abridge something is not to cut it into smaller parts. To abridge is to create a parody of the original content. They understand what it is to abridge because they’re clearly doing that. Sure, other peple do smaller episodes but that doesn’t mean all people who abridge are confined to the small bitesize episodes that takes weeks to arrive, waiting until you just about forget that the thing exists in the first place. Waiting months for a new episode that’s 40 minutes long is much better than waiting months for a new episode that is literally about five minutes long.

  2. dylan connell says:

    …sooo…whens klarion gonna rape kid flash?

    • leik777 says:

      He wont, he wants to eat him, not rape him. We were a lil vague when we first introduced Klarion wanting Wally and in what context, true, but we didn’t care to make light of the issue of rape, so we diverted that into Klarion wanting to eat him, and slowly influencing himto get fat to eventually feast.

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