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Green Arrow Abridged

Catwoman One Shot

Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice Reaction

Batman vs Superman: The Clones of Justice

Throne of Atlantis Abridged Trailer

Justice League War Abridged Trailer

Suicide Squad: Assault on Arkham Abridged Trailer

YJ Abridged Episode # 9 Trailer

YJ Abridged Episode # 8 Trailer

YJ Abridged Episode # 6 Trailer

A Very Young Justice Abridged Christmas/Holiday Special!

New Kid Flash Video

Our Robin is Tim Drake Video

April Fool Day Video

YJA Trailer for Episode 3

YGA Trailer for Episode 4

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Young Justice Abridged F.A.Q # 1

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3 Responses

  1. Synxailla says:

    Hello! Love the site guys! It helps us viewers to keep track of you. 🙂

    Keep up the wonderful work!

  2. bigC94 says:

    You guys should do more one-shots like the Catwoman Abridged, it was amazing! I especially loved the playful banter between Catwoman and Batman and the not-so-playful banter between Catwoman and RoughCut; very well written and hilarious.

    Keep on doing your thing!

  3. Orientforce says:

    So i know you guys have lifes of your own, and limited time to work on this univers. But after the glory that was War and Throne of atlantis, + the fact that you use under the red hood and clips from Son of batman. I was hopeing that you guys at least considered doing Justice league Vs Teen Titans as a special, or just the clips in the YJ series. I was not the bigest DC fan, but the animated movies and more importantly your videos, has fanned the flames of fandom in my heart! I hope you keep making Videos, and know that you have my thoughts and prayers (like that will help!) whit you.

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