DC Abridged Universe

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  1. Jason Todd says:

    The stuff you guys do is amazing…. maybe you should do a one-shot of Damian when you guys give him a proper welcome…. and by “proper welcome” I mean mention Batman being Talia’s bitch. Many times…. and I mean MANY times.

  2. Nicki says:

    Hey I’ve been watching your videos and they’re amazing! How does one become part of your group? Do you hold auditions for VAs? Thanks 🙂

  3. Nightwing says:

    I really enjoy these. I hope you guys do the flashpoint paradox.

  4. Stupid Boy-Alfred says:

    When is episode 11 of young justice coming out?

  5. J-Scarlet says:

    So I’m guessing that Wonder Woman abridged fits in the 2006 slot here? Right in front of the Justice League Doom that we never got? I’m not bitter about seeing how that could be made funny I promise.

    • leik777 says:

      Yes, it does fit there, and we never said we wouldn’t make Doom, we just haven’t gotten to it. Still, I promise you we will sooner or later, it’s just not a high priority for us right now.

  6. Axel Droga says:

    Can someone explain what the plot of this is.

  7. Delycan says:

    When are you gonna update the site, and what’s going on with Flashpoint?

    • Dai_do93 says:

      Unfortunately, they officially discontinued the series. They were close to finishing, but their editor decided to do a complete 180 and leave, so all they have left is the script of their finale on their patreon.

  8. I am vengeance says:

    That very sad, First DBZA now this, goddammit 2020.

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