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The Fedora Players

We are just a collection of actors, editors and writers, having fun with our favorite cartoons. Whether we’re abridging, or doing read-throughs, or cosplaying, or just hanging out, we all strive to have fun, and to allow you guys to join in as well.

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  1. Ashboom says:

    Very impressed with the writing and VO for the Arkham storyline, several voices are spot on while others just fit. I was wondering mainly if your group is made up of people from around the world or are you all American? How do you manage to get all the writing, sound and editing done in time. I’ve done work involving all of them before but this is extremely impressive.

    • leik777 says:

      Hi man ^^ I would say there are better places to reach us than here through comments on the site, but to answer your question, we’re not all Americans, although most of us are. I’m from South America, and I write the scripts and kind of keep things organized and running, it’s tricky, I grant you, but we make it work. I guess you could say we have a system we’ve polished over the years, and a really good and diverse cast of people, and honestly, we’ve just gotten better at it over time. The process, simplified, is just that I write a script, i gather everyone to read it, for adjustment and final touches, then everyone goes to record on their own, this takes some time, each has their schedule, but once we have them all, we begin editing, we have two editors right now, one assisting the other, and I oversee it with them until its done, and there you go.

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