YJ Abridged Ep7: Shades of Red – All Parts

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2 Responses

  1. Jason Todd says:

    I love this episode the most cause it has Roy being a straight up bad ass.

  2. Lovemilk says:

    Jaewan’s (Milkpiece) voice is as Cheshire is amazing! Whether she speaks japanese or english it’s just wonderful, sugar in my ears! The best is when she speaks english with that sexy japanese accent… Gawd I love it! <3
    TallestSilver's voice as Artemis just melt in my ears as well, I just love it!

    I just love your shows guys, it's just great! The humor, the script, the lines, the voices, the accents, the montage… EVERYTHING is just perfect! It's awesome to rewatch those scenes this way!


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