Folks ‘round here call him Starbeastrave (Starfire-BeastBoy-Raven). For three years now he’s been working with us, sharing our love for comics and toons. What began with a spoof of the Watchmen evolved into several DC animated abridged series, to Marvel, to everything else. This guy can voice the big heroes like no one else, so he has played for most of our run. He’s been cast as Superman and Superboy, playing them as a right-wing patriot and a KGB soldier respectively. But that’s not all. He’s also turned Thor into a Swedish meatball, made Clayface become Robert Downey Jr., and even given a whole new Jewish identity to the Flaming C. Did we forget to mention that with every hero, villain, or sidekick he voices, he always adds a little bit of crazy?

Things Starbeastrave Likes:
Voice Acting
Cruising around Comic Con.


  • DCAU: Superboy, Superman, Flaming C, Tempest (Garth), Question, The Brain, Clayface, Icicle Sr, Captain Boomerang, Granny Goodness, Kent Nelson, Jor-El, Steve Trevor, Draco the Mobster, Marvin, Impulse & Alexander Luthor (Crisis on Two Earths).
  • G.I. JOE: RoadBlock, Destro, Zartan.
  • Hellsing the Dawn: Sir Islands, God & Extras.

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