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  1. Sammie Del Rey says:

    “The C is silent.”
    I can listen to that all day on loop.
    I cannot wait! So excited~!

  2. Josh H says:

    This looks awesome!!! any updates on it?

  3. John Sperling says:

    Guys, i LOVE your work… but i have to ask if you have forgotten to put of part 3 of your G.I Joe abridged or if it was taken down for some reason?

    • leik777 says:

      We never finished it, for several reasons, it’s unlikely we will, but who knows.

      • John Sperling says:

        well here is to hoping you do, because you guys are freaking AWESOME…. i showed your work to one of my friends, now bare in mind, he HATES abrigded series, but he was laughing his ass off when i showed him your work

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