I’m just a guy just trying to have a good time through voice acting. I’ve been practicing a bit of that plus video editing ever since I graduated from High School but did voices way before that thanks to video games. My big main projects are just having fun as well as making fun of Bleach, Yu-Gi-Oh, Code Geass and Digimon, with a lil one shots here and there on the side. I like to think I have a huge voice range but meh, sometimes I like to do 90% of the voices in my projects, is that so wrong? Still, I always love having VA’s around. This is an adventure, come join me and/or I’ll join you.

Things Sehanort likes:

  • Knights
  • Video games
  • Voice acting
  • Yu-Gi-Oh & Magic: The Gathering
  • anime


  • DCAU: Aqualad, Wotan, Metallo, Dr. Stone, Sensei & Icon.
  • Hellsing the Dawn: Drifter.

Contact Info:

  • Twitter:!/CaptSehanort
  • YouTube:


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