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Malcolm Ray is an actor on screen, and is a voice over artist. His skills go beyond acting with professional training in film and video as his major at Columbia College Chicago. In the span of his Bachelor career at Columbia, Malcolm has successfully completed his Interdisciplinary Film Degree, been the casting director for a practicum film, interned at O’Connor Casting, and has begun a professional acting career. Malcolm effectively made use of his elective credits, taking courses in Columbia’s Radio and Theatre Departments including; Voice Over, Voice Acting For Animation, Radio Production, Voice 1 and more. He is represented as talent at the Stewart Talent agency in Chicago, and currently works with the Nostalgia Critic at Channel Awesome.

Things Malcolm likes:

  • Anime.
  • Video Games.
  • Is a shoe aficionado.
  • Thai Food.
  • His white (people) survival kit.


  • DCAU: Cyborg, Black Manta, Black Spider, Black Adam, Dr. Kirk Langstrom, Lucius Fox, Hugo Strange, Neutron (Dub-Step-Man), Power Ring and Volthoom (Crisis on Two Earths), Tawny the Tiger & Green Lantern (John Stewart).
  • G.I. Joe: Ripcord, Extras.

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