Starting his voice acting suchery in 2006, LordJazor has been mainly voicing villains ever since, first on Voice Acting Alliance and then moving over to YouTube as his primary base of evil voice operations. He gained primary notice for voicing the Joker in various projects, followed by a slew of other villainous characters in his various comic dubs including Two-Face, Lex Luthor, Dr. Doom, Daleks, and the Scarecrow among others. Villains are just his thing. His fairly unsung pet project was a pair of videos intending to inspire an ongoing series entitled ‘Your Daily Dose of Posh’ which charted the various doings of a group of posh gentlemen in Victorian England. It didn’t get a whole lot of favor, so alas it was put on the back burner.

When being invited into the Fedora Players circle back during leik777’s run on Batman Abridged, he began by playing Two-Face. Since then, his roles have included the Green Goblin, Magneto, Wolverine, Count Vertigo among others, usually villains of course. Since those early days, LordJazor has been a regular recurring cast member ever since.

Things LordJazor Likes:

  • A good beer
  • Collecting canes, hats of varying styles and pipes
  • Tobacco
  • Classic literature


  • DCAU:  Mr. Freeze, Black Mask, Ra’s al Ghul, Lord Kobra, Rough Cut, Joker, Professor Ivo & Amazo, Lex Luthor, Count Veritgo, Sportsmaster, Deathstroke, Riddler, Vandal Savage, Ocean Master, T.O Morrow, Psimon, Brainiac, Desaad, Penguin, Ultraman, Scarecrow, Heretic, Mad Hatter, Sinestro, Ares, Jonah Hex, Booster Gold, Red Tornado, Zatarra, Alfred Pennyworth, G. Gordon Gottfried, John the Lobster, Gilbert Godfrey & Batman (Episodes 9-16 – Plus Movies).
  • G.I. Joe : Cobra Commander & his Mother, Gung Ho, Wild Bill, Radio Host & Brad.
  • Hellsing the Dawn: Arthur Hellsing, The Major & Radio Host.


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