Driven to the world of animation and Editing.  The DemonGroceryStore took his first real steps in becoming an entertainer by starting the series, Code Geass: Lelouch of the Abridged, as each new installment was posted his skills grew more and more not just in editing but also writing, voice acting, and even producing his own animations.  Always ready to take on any role or challenge that comes his way,  his skills grew to a point where he could put higher quality into his projects and it shows every time.  After years of doing what he enjoys, he joined the Fedora Players first as a small time editor; but then took his skills to a whole new level.  His vocal range consists of serious well manner voices such as Cyborg’s HUD computer; to the over the top King of the Sea, Aquaman; to the beast-like growling roars of the ParaDemons.  DemonGroceryStore’s goal is to one day join the animation industry and help make amazing videos that everyone will enjoy.  If you think he’s at his best now, you haven’t seen anything yet…

Things DemonGroceryStore likes:

  • Voice-overs (I do a mean Soldier-A).
  • Power Rangers (preferably Mighty Morphin).
  • Cosplay(makes me feel pretty).
  • Giant Robots punching other Giant Robots (HOOAH!!!).
  • Taking over the world ( ha ha…. I think I need help).


  • DCAU: Main Editor (Ep7-Current/All Movies & Projects), Aquaman (Arthur Curry), Martian ManHunter (Ep12-Current/Doom/Crisis on Two Earths) Mirror Master, Lagoon Boy, Jester (Crisis on Two Earths), Cyborg’s Computer, Ubu & Extras.
  • G.I. Joe: Storm Shadow & Extras
  • Hellsing The Dawn: The Captain & Extras.

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