As long as she can remember Eileen [EileMonty] has always had a very deep passion for performing and entertaining from the age of 6 to 18 Eileen attended local drama/theatre schools, took training and passed numerous acting and singing examinations. After that she then went on to University for 3 years and obtained a degree in Musical Theatre.

Eileen started out on YouTube singing English covers of well-loved Japanese songs [EileMonty2]. She then went on and made multiple accounts for non anime covers [EileMontyMusic] and Voice Acting [EileMontyVA].

Eileen started voice acting as a hobby at the age of 17 and it slowly became more and more of a passion of hers. Her dream now is to hopefully become a professional voice actress in the future. Eileen is also one of the founders of Voice Hollywood (Voice Acting/Singing community) [www.voicehollywood.org].

Since becoming a member of The Fedora Players, Eileen’s eyes have been opened to the wonderful world of DC and Marvel and she has loved every bit of it. Eileen has really enjoyed being a part of this talented and lovely group of people. She feels it has been a privilege to play Miss Martian in Young Justice Abridged.

Things EileMonty Likes:

  • Singing/Acting / Voice Acting
  • Musical Theatre
  • Cartoons & Anime [Fave: Shugo Chara]
  • Abridges
  • Drawing
  • Trilby Hats


  • DCAU: Miss Martian, Billy Batson, Queen Bee, Amanda Waller, Beth Kane & Rose Wilson (Crisis on Two Earths)
  • G.I. JOE: Dial Tone.

Contact Info:

  • Email: Eile-Monty@hotmail.com
  • Youtube1: www.youtube.com/EileMontyVA
  • Youtube2: www.youtube.com/EileMontyMusic
  • Youtube3: www.youtube.com/EileMonty2
  • VAA: Eile-Monty
  • VAC: EileMonty

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